Friday, 6 November 2009

Who are they? #3 The Dumbo

The discreet earrings, the scarves draped around the neck just so, the ever so slightly vacant expression in her eyes as she bounds towards the first microphone in sight ... it could only be Elfriede Harth, Anti Catholics for Choice's soigneƩ European representative.

Not by any stretch of the imagination the sharpest knife in the box (it was of her that one cruel commentator said "you looked into her eyes and saw the back of her head") the half German half Latin American Elfriede has gone through various incarnations (no, Elfie, not those kind of incarnations) over the years. She's been the spokesperson for the appropriately-named WAC group, described as a "feminist theologian", probably by herself and is now the secretary of the European Parliament's separation of religion and politics working group - European Parliamentary working groups are the equivalent of Westminster's all party parliamentary interest groups and despite the impression Elfriede would like to give to various sovereign states, have no official standing.

In her role as CFC's point woman in Brussels, Elfriede is responsible for publicising CFC's push-polls, organising endless conferences with the likes of the National Secular Society, the European Humanist Federation and what have you and generally putting out anti-Catholic garbage.

Elfriede's English is hopeless, her thinking incoherent and she gets terribly upset, for some reason, when people point out that they've seen through her mob and that no, she's not a Catholic.

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