Monday, 9 November 2009

Another white man joins the CFC team

Dear friends and colleagues,

I am delighted to announce that Henk Baars crazy name, crazy guy has become the new Anti Catholics for a Porn Merchant's Choice European coordinator. Henk has a lifelong commitment to pretend Catholicism, ie abortion reproductive and sexual rights see, told you so and women's equality in the church and society which is why I'm sure you'll agree that notwithstanding the fact that he's got old turkey neck and gizzzards, he's just the kind of man who knows what women want, what they really really want . In addition, he has a deep-seated knowledge of Catholic theology which will stand him in good stead when it comes to telling lies about the Church's teaching on abortion and a long-standing dedication to working for social justice which he'd never dream of bragging about. Henk's leadership in various Dutch and European progressive Catholic organizations which are too numerous to name, not that he spreads himself thin or anything has enriched the movement which will one day storm the world but now only has a small number of enlightened devotees and the cause of progressive Catholicism which is miraculous since he has nothing to do with it and women's rights which is even more miraculous considering his gender. For the past four years, he has served as a member of CFC's European Advisory Group and is a regular contributor to the media though, despite his best green ink efforts, he has not always published by editors, most of whom are controlled by the Vatican on issues that are important to CFC. He is a key figure in CFC's investigative opposition research work in Europe the smear campaigns and witch hunts for which we are so justly famed. Henk will work to promote our perspectives in both the public policy sphere and the media in partnership with Anti Catholics for Choice's European Advisory Group. He is based in The Hague (Den Haag).

In addition to his work with Anti Catholics for a Porn Merchant's Choice, Henk manages a wide variety of social projects located in the poor and like really icky neighborhoods of The Hague for Stek (for City and Church or voor Stad en Kerk), the most important Protestant church in the city. In 1985, Henk co-founded and eventually became president of the Eighth of May Movement (named for the date the pope visited Holland), an organization that drew more than 10,000 (rough estimate) dur brains and pretend Catholics to its annual gatherings where he wowed the crowds with his funky clog dancing and mooning routines . As a result of his work with this organization and his insistence that he was a tomato who was being persecuted by an onion, he was refused employment with Catholic organizations and chose to continue his work for social justice and salad emancipation with Protestant-run service organizations without any fanfare whatsoever.Henk started out as a pastor as all Catholic clergy do in a steel mill in IJmuiden, and later worked in Amsterdam as a pastor in both the shipbuilding industry and the world of finance where he mastered double-entry accounting and was known as a complete banker. He was an unelected community leader in the diocese of Haarlem and the coordinator of a team that helped expand the work of Non Catholic parishes. Henk is vice president of Marienburgverenigin g, the most important progressiveetend Catholic lay movement in the whole wide world, the universe, the solar system and a board member of the oldest peace movement in Holland, 'Kerk en Vrede' (Church and Peace) in which capacity he has acted as a successful human shield in the following war-torn zones: Basra, Helmand Province, Sudoku and La la land.

I remain available to you for any questions or comments about CFC's international work, whether in Europe, Asia, Africa or the Americas, as well as through the UN system. Please also feel free to contact Henk directly about CFC's European activities. We look forward to working together with you.

Very best wishes, Gladiolus Gorgonzola-Fandabidosi
Director, International Programs

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