Friday, 6 November 2009

The Dirty Money Behind Anti Catholics for Choice

As of the end of financial year 2007, CFC had clocked up $7,405,664 in net assets. But every cloud has a silver lining, that was substantially down on the previous year when its net assets totalled $9,953,700 (source: Charity Navigator).

Still it's a chunky war chest for CFC to dip into whenever it fancies buying itself a push-poll, or conducting a high-stakes witch hunt against Catholics in public life. Where does the dosh come from?

I've already mentioned the Playboy link. According to C-FAM's excellent and authoritative War on the Faith paper, the high priestess twice accepted grants from the Playboy Foundation. Mind you, the old girl baulked at the suggestion that she take, say, Larry Flynt's dollars. "There are boundaries of good taste," she insisted. I dunno, Fran, have you seen those scarves, Elfriede wears?

CFC, or CFFC as it once was used to claim that it had 5000 members. Some hope. In fact the evidence from tax-returns showed that those figures were fictitious and that a hefty 97% of its funding came from big fat private foundations and tax-exempt groups. That's when Kissling had to admit a little shamefacedly that CFC was "not a membership organisation. We have no membership". You can say that again.

C-FAM noted that Philanthropy magazine, which charts charitable giving, took a closer look at CFC's funding and found that it was, "without a single major supporter whose program focus is Catholic philanthropy," adding "one looks in vain at these organizations’ program areas for evidence of meaningful support of parochial schools, retired nuns, Catholic missions, religious vocations work, or parish ministry — the areas that are the meat and potatoes of Catholic philanthropy today.”

One commentator put it very crisply when he said of CFC that, "the voice of dissent, it turned out, was not a mass movement, but a spokesperson with a fax-machine."

CFC's funding comes from the Sunnen Foundation, the Hewlett Foundation, the Packard Foundation, the George Gund Foundation, the Buffett Foundation, and this that and the other foundation, virtually all of which have a record of funding pro abortion, pro population control causes.

(sources: War on the Faith, wikipedia, The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights).

But no Catholics there. None whatsoever.

That's significant.

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