Friday, 6 November 2009

Who Are They? # 1 The High Priestess

Frances Kissling, nee Romanski is the high priestess and former president of the pro abortion cult. In the financial year ending on December 2007 Anti Catholics for Choice paid her a whopping $483,960 (source: Charity Navigator).
An engaging oddball who was briefly a postulant at a convent - not, nota bene a professed nun, she left the convent, got her tubes tied and went onto operate two abortion clinics in New York, one of which, she boasted performed around 250 abortions per week. In 1976 she founded and became first president of the National Abortion Federation.

Never one to underestimate her own importance in the grand scheme of things, she sees herself as a femi-revolutionary leading a guerrilla war against the male hierarchical Church, not infrequently being quoted expressing such eccentric sentiments as, "When I say I came back to the Church, I never came back on the old terms….I came back to the Church as a social change agent; I came back to woman-church."

She's also got neurotic hang-ups about pregnancy and birth: "For me to be pregnant would be an enormous violation of my own personal integrity."

and a downright creepy fixation with abortion:

“I would like to see a huge underground of activist women learning how to do menstrual extractions and vacuum aspiration abortions, mothers teaching their daughters, sub rosa classes at campus women’s centers….”

She's also visiting scholar of abortionology and applied bigotry at some outfit or another.

Sources: War on the Faith, C-FAM, wikipedia.

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