Friday, 6 November 2009

Who are they? #2 The Shoneen

Oleaginous goateed shoneen, Jon O'Brien is the current president of Anti Catholics for Choice. He used to work for the Irish Family Planning Association and then for its parent organisation, International Planned Parenthood Federation, arguably the biggest cheese in the birth-reduction world, as a program manager. Then he got taken on by Anti Catholics for Choice first as its director of communications, second as its vice president.
He succeeded the high priestess as president of the pro abortion anti Catholic cult in 2007.

He's the lucky recipient of various abortion gongs, persists in the fiction that he's a Catholic and "religious" and in 2007 was paid an impressive $176,667 by his well-endowed employers (Charity Navigator).

Source: Anti Catholics for Choice's own increeeedibly tedious and boring website.

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