Saturday, 7 November 2009

Elfriede Harth on Anti Catholics for Choice taking money from Porn Merchants

Now concerning the accusations about fundings received from "porn merchants" in the late 1970's and the first years of 1980, Playboy Magazine had a Foundation which supported causes like getting rid of the death penalty, reproductive rights and freedom of speech. CFC received several small grants from that foundation. Over 4 years, the total amount was $0,000 [NOTE: According to records filed with the IRS, Catholics For a Free Choice, of Washington, DC, has received thousands of dollars from the Playboy Foundation] At this time in the US, it was considered quite normal to receive this money. Religious groups working on the death penalty received it as did the Ms. Foundation for Women. In 1983 there was a reconsideration in the women's movement about this and some groups decided to stop taking the money. CFC decided not to "disown" this donor, but simply stopped applying for money and received no more after 1983. Most Americans did not consider Playboy pornography. It was mild eroticism, did not involve coercio,(sic) children, sexual torture or abuse.

Elfriede Harth, former European represenative of Anti Catholics for a Porn Merchants Choice
Friday, 6th December 2009 7.06

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